Catch up on Sketchup

How many times have you started working on something with all the enthusiasm of a foal, and then got stuck on a bump in the road …

Sure you’ll need the drive, but a plan to fall back on usually keeps that same drive alive.

Your battle-plan doesn’t have to be a 100page document, nor the blueprint of St.Paul’s Cathedral. A simple sheet with key points and ideas to implement will do.

If you do have the time to invest or fiddle around with a 3D-program, in order make a preview of what you aim on building, then Google’s Sketchup might be a good cheap (freeware anyone ?)  introductory.

I’m still at the bottom of the learning curve with the software, but usability seems very high, especially if you’re not building said St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Get convinced and check out some of the tutorials:

I’ll be sharing the 2D/3D models I came up with for my projects soon.

So make sure you catch up (bad pun intended)

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1 Response to Catch up on Sketchup

  1. build4play says:

    Make sure to check out the message boards on Hirst Arts.
    Especially this topic: Planning with Sketchup

    The community has already created a lot of the molds as models to be used in Sketchup.

    Do check out the short tutorials from Klingbeil IV to get a flying start at building Hirst Arts plans on Sketchup

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